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Cruzy is here for you.
If you’re ready
to carve concrete,
or a fast, fun commute,
or need to disrupt your midlife crisis… ❤️ 

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Meet the Cruzy Alpha

Don’t be a stranger, have a good look.
(Footstraps are free options.)
You can check the performance specs in a sec.

Cruzy Electric Skateboards Australia
CRuzy Electric Skateboard Vertical Base

Cruzy Specs

Featuring 2 layer bamboo and 8 layer maple, makes for a forgiving and comfortable ride. Get ready to blow your mind, not your budget.

Feature Listings

Cruzy Electric Skateboards Australia


SAVE 26% OFF RRP $1350

Battery Life Cycle
0 x
Dual Belt Motors
0 w
Max Load
0 kg
Cruzy Electric Skateboards Australia

Freedom to carve your way around the urban ecosystem. 
Simplicity of gliding effortlessly for an enduring 30km. 
Set your sights on smooth starts and safe solid stopping.

The Cruzy Alpha is an all terrain beast that stands up to it’s competitors asking (more than) double the price.

We’ve taken the ego out of eskating.
Your freedom and mental health is more important than schmaltzy marketing.
With Cruzy, eskating is for everyone, not just the fortunate few.

With a battery life of 1000 charges (double it’s competitors) we’re confident you’ll be seeing more of your cityscape in no time.

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Order now, we have four boards available in the next shipment due November 26! 

Yet again, we are almost SOLD OUT of our next shipment of Cruzy boards.
Only 5  FOUR(4) available. DON’T MISS OUT
Drop your $400 deposit before this timer hits zero (6 Nov)

How To Order

01.Buying Is Simple
Complete the contact form at the bottom of the page with your details.
02. Pay Your Deposit
Deposit ($400) required upon placement of your order.
03. Shipment is expected November 15th
We will add your purchase to the shipment which is due to arrive on November 26th. May be slight delay due to c*vid19.
04. Delivery
Delivery Australia wide to metro addresses in 1-3 days. (Will advise if your remote location requires extra delivery payment.)
04. Warranty
Cruzy offers a 12 mth warranty on parts and labour under normal use. Return delivery is skaters' responsibility.


Terms and Conditions

Why can't I have a board today?

We build a set number of boards and then sell them direct to our Australian customer base. In most instances, we sell out before the boards land in Australia. It means we don’t have to carry excess stock and you are assured a freshly built unit straight from the factory.
Please see our website for the number of boards available in the impending delivery.

How long do I have to wait to get the board?

The electric skateboards arrive via freight from the manufacturers on the specified date provided to you when you made your purchase in most instances. Please be aware that during the Covid19 period, we have experienced delays but in most cases the Electric Skateboards have arrived without interruption.
Once the electric skateboards land in Australia, we will pack them for Delivery direct to your postal address. This is usually an additional 1-3 days.

Cruzy Electric Skateboards Australia

How do reserve my board?

Once you place your $400 deposit for the Cruzy Eskateboard, you are committed to buying the board.
You agree to pay the remaining amount outstanding within 10 days to finalise your order.

How much is Shipping and Delivery?

Cruzy Electric Skateboards Australia skateboards factors in the international shipping charge at no extra cost. Included in the final payment will be your Australian Delivery fee, based on your postal address.
In most instances Delivery is $40 – $65 Australia wide.
Remote and Regional buyers, please be aware additional fees may be incurred for exceptional destinations.

Do you sell Wholesale at discount?

We accept wholesale orders and offer attractive wholesale discounts – please get in touch.  We are seeking a network of retailers in each state.  Does this sound like you?


Cruzy Electric Skateboards Australia are tested and built to the highest standards. We offer a 12 month warranty based on normal conscientious use – not careless or rough riding or leaving the board exposed to water or weather.

In case of manufacturing fault, please email initially to assess the situation, and we will advise further steps to take. In no instance is Cruzy or Earth Digital Pty Ltd liable through accident or misadventure through misuse or failure of the skateboard.
Shipping returns is the responsibility of the owner, return shipping to you is covered by Cruzy as an act of goodwill.

About Us

We started this business as a way to open up eskateboarding to a bigger customer base as all we saw was prices and boards getting more and more expensive. (How’s about upwards of $7k for a board – seriously?) Thank you for choosing Cruzy and helping us democratise the Eskate world – one skater at a time.

Ride Aware,
Bren M

Privacy Policy

At Cruzy we do not process your personal information nor sell rent or pass it onto third parties. 
All financial transactions are conducted either off site or by you the customer when you direct transfer money to purchase your products.

Refunds and Returns

At Cruzy we do not process refunds or returns.  We consider an eSkateboard a consumer perishable, which means riding for an hour or so essentially “consumes” the product from the point of view of being able to resell that board as a brand new unit to another client.  For example, the Electric Skateboard Wheel will have lost it’s pristine cleanness.
Plus, the delayed delivery time is ample time for you to reconsider your purchase prior to shipping.  Cruzy is not in business to offer “ride the board for free for 30 days and then send it back for a refund” – that’s not very Cruzy – is it? Peace.

How safe are Eskateboards?

Included in your Cruzy Pack is instructions on how to charge your board and how to begin your new hobby.
We recommend a full kit of safety wear, helmet, elbow and knee pads, and even suggest gloves and padded shorts.  Watch out for our range of bucket hats, caps and shirts coming soon!

Beginner riders are advised to ride VERY slowly and learn the feel of the board before progressing to more advanced moves.

Banking and Payments

Should you wish to cancel your purchase of the Electric Skateboard, you accept your cancellation incurs a $200 cancellation fee.

We prefer Direct Bank Transfer to minimise banking fees. Should you choose to use a credit card, an additional 2.75% fee applies.

Earth Digital Pty Ltd
BSB 637 000
ACC 721489450

Spares and Repairs

YES!  We are an emerging skate brand in a highly competitive marketplace.  We have put in place systems to support this model – the Cruzy Alpha – which is our primary focus model at this stage of development. 
Our Business Plan is based on having one model for the foreseeable future, and offering respectful and attentive customer service from the get go.  We’re not here to have 15 different models and thousands of parts in our inventory. 

Our goal was to find the most reliable and well reviewed model, and then add an Electric Skateboard Battery to match Australian conditions.  That’s where the Cruzy Alpha sits.  A solid, dependable beast, ideal as a commuter skate or all rounder with impressive specs and 100% dependable support and Electric Skateboard Motor spares.

One model, fully supported with complete spares and service.  Simple.  Cruzy even.  That’s why you choose Cruzy.


Pre-Order Here

To book a time to have a chat about the Cruzy Alpha, just fill in this form.  Or, you may prefer to call direct on my mobile between 11am and 730pm seven days.

Call Bren now


available from 11:00 – 19:30 7 days

Address 131 Macquarie St, MEREWETHER, NSW, 2291


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Please note, CRUZY Skateboard Shop is not associated with nor do we represent any other variation, combination or  spelling of the common sound CRUZY.  Cruzy is a town in France.  At last count there were four or five other businesses with a similar sounding name.  We are the independent, Australian brand – for Skateboard Sales CRUZY. 😎